What is mixing?

Mixing is the process of adjusting specific audible parameters to enhance the overall feel and perception of your music.  

Mixing helps to refine your sound by enhancing the details and eliminating the distractions.

Why do I need my music mixed?

Having your music mixed means you get a fresh set of ears on your songs! By allowing a non-bias third party to help identify your tracks overall sound, your music can breathe and grow to it's full potential.

Additionally, a great mix can help polish your music and prepare it for iTunes, radio, or other media players. A well-mixed song can also open doors for commercial opportunities.

It can also give you great insight on how to approach future songwriting or performances by introducing new ideas, which can be used to further establish a unique sound.

What does mixing involve?

Mixing is a very intricate process and involves a variety of techniques to achieve a proper blend. 

This process includes but is not limited too:

  • Editing- Cleaning up the tracks in preparation for processing and the rest of the mixing phase.
  • Level setting- Ensuring tracks are not exceeding a certain volume level, while aiming to achieve a quality blend between instrument volume.
  • Panning- The placement of instruments in a stereo field to achieve left, right, and center balance.
  • EQ- filtering out unwanted frequencies and boosting others so that the different sounds' timbre compliment each other.
  • Compression- Controlling the dynamics of the music and sounds so the difference between the loud and soft parts are more consistent.
  • Effects- Adding character, depth, and artistic elements to music by altering the time or dynamics. Things like reverberation, delay, distortion, phase etc.
  • Automation- The ability to adjust parameters on various types of processing in real-time e.g. increasing the volume of lead vocals during the chorus.

Why choose Standard SoundZ ?

As a musician, I understand the amount of hours you've sacrificed to write, practice, and record your songs, which is why I will treat your music as if it was my own.  I have experience writing and mixing in multiple genres and do my best to enhance the overall quality of your music while staying true to it's original sound.

How much will a mix cost?

Prices vary depending on what your needs are, budget, time constraints and scope of the project. Please fill out the form below to inquire about pricing.

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What is mastering?

Mastering is the process of finalizing your mix. It includes much of the same things as mixing along other techniques such as limiting. However, instead of tweaking each individual element, it is applied to the overall stereo track. Think of it as adding decoration to an already frosted cake. 

How do I pay?

Payments are split in half. An initial deposit is required to start the mixing process. Final payment will be required after revisions have been completed and you are satisfied with your mix. 

Once you purchase you will be required to fill out a form that includes details such as your name and phone number as well as the type of music, band name and purchase agreements. Most of the information is required so that I can contact you if necessary and to gain perspective on what your sound is.



How do I send music?

After filling out an order form and completion of purchase, an invoice will be sent to the email you provided.

You can either follow the instructions listed in the email invoice to upload your stems or, you email a link to a Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud-sharing folder with the stems included. If you choose to send through cloud-sharing please .zip the files together as it makes for quicker and easier download.

Please label your tracks by instrument, e.g. Snare for snare-drum,  and include the song name or your band name if possible.

Files should be exported from your DAW in either .WAV or .AIFF format at the sample rate and bit depth they were recorded at. If you have any questions you can send an email to:

Additionally if you any other questions or concerns you can send an email to:

I want a great mix but I can't afford it. 

A great mix takes time and requires extensive attention to detail. I understand that money can be tight, which is why I work with my clients according to their budget and needs.

Many unknown artists and bands sacrifice quality for budget in the recording process. Smaller studios often work with the mentality of quantity over quality,  so they offer packaged recording and mixing deals.  Their aim is to get you in and out as quick a possible to make room for the next client, and they end up spending less time focusing on your music. 

 If you value the time you spent creating your music and you have high standards for what you your audience to hear, then it's a good idea to spend a little more to get a better product.

 How long will it take until I receive my mix?

Turn around is generally depends on the scope of the song. If you need it sooner please let me know in the order form you fill out. 


You can check out some of my mixing and mastering work by clicking here.